We do best for products


Certification is a credible proof of the quality of the product, and we have passed  like CE, ISO, FCC, etc.


For human health and environmental and all products are approved by RoHS standards.

High Standard Test

We have a variety of product testing methods to ensure that the rate of failure is minimized.

Quality Control

From source material to manufacturing process, we will make quality control all the way to ensure quality first.

The Quality Policy


  ① Customer First   ② Stable Quality   ③ Defect Evaluation   ④ Continuous Innovation   ⑤ Environmental Protection

We have a mature production process, plus experienced engineers as strong technical support.

After the module is assembled, we will test each one individually, and the test will be sampled before delivery, ensuring that each module is in the hands of the customer.All quality complaints will be processed by us. After analysis, we will issue a corrective and preventive report and improve the manufacturing process.

Products Test Detail ——

Normal Test
Aging Test
Crash Test
Random Simple Test